In 2009 our company completed construction of the milk factory in the ecologically safe area of Glazovo Village 100 km away from Moscow. The production facility has been outfitted with the latest European equipment capable of  turning out the high-quality dairy products, which meet the consumer preferences and international standards. The core team was formed by specialists  of the specific shop of Ochakovo Milk Factory involved in the dairy product supply to the  state apparatus, consulate and embassy personnel for several decades.  As a result of tight cooperation with the leading world companies we are now able to offer to consumers the natural high-quality dairy products of premium class distinguished by the functional and healthcare effect. All these things permitted our company to gain the consumer confidence within shortest time. These days our dairy products are available at the most popular retail and chain stores of Moscow and Moscow Region. We also supply our goods to more than 50 Russian cities and towns.  Such outcome of all our efforts is hardly surprising because from the very first days it became apparent that the consumers had been long missing the delicious and wholesome “live” milk products and our goods appeared to be adequate to the consumer expectations.