Only fresh selected milk, natural fruit additives, starters of the top world manufacturers, biocultures and dietary fibers, which efficiency is supported by multiple research works and clinical tests, are used in our dairy production.

     It is pertinent to focus on the quality of milk, which we use and which forms the basic ingredient of any dairy product. The one-of-a-kind Yaroslavets Agricultural Company has become our supplier. The fact that the well-balanced and individually worked out feeding is provided for the cattle allows us to obtain round-the-year the excellent selected milk featuring the high protein and density indices. The unique automatic milking and cooling system ensures the high microbiological purity of milk.  All these important factors provide stable quality of our products every day of the year. It should be noted that the time from milking till fermentation of our products is 3 hours maximum, which allows us to preserve all healthful and tasty merits of the milk.  
     The production process is conducted with adherence to the technologies and modes assuring the required purity and activity of the live bacteria.  Owing to that provision as well as to the incubation method of manufacturing, our products are best before end of 7 or 14 days.
      Generally we use the glass containers for our product packaging. Having considered all types of packaging material we found glass to be the most ecologically safe since no harmful substances  pass to the product from glass. In addition, as distinct from other types of containers,  the product takes no foreign taste or odor from glass.