Contemporary lifestyle - contemporary food products

   These days the consumers have become increasingly demanding of the flavor characteristics, storage life and texture of the food products. Active life makes the ready-to-eat food products attractive for the consumers who do not want to spend their time on everyday cooking.

New prospects of the functional products

   Such sector as “Health and well-being” has been most vigorously developing since it is associated with healthy food, active lifestyle and, as a consequence, well-being. Substantial influence on the market development is produced by the changed living habits, consumer awareness of the importance for human body of such additives as minerals, calcium, vitamins, dietary fibers, antioxidants, which in many cases permit preventing different diseases (such as osteoporosis,  pancreatic diabetes, obesity).

Easy-to-use package

   Demand for the convenient consumer-size package is permanently increasing. Due to shorter time now given to housekeeping, extended working hours and reduction of the dinner break the food products in the convenient disposable package, which allows the consumer “to get a bite on the run”, have become very popular. 

New ideas

   The ever growing awareness of the relationship between the diet and state of health resulted in the burst of demand for the food products, which are able to improve the well being apart from their main target of hunger satisfaction.  The food products falling into this sector allow the consumer to revive spirits, de-stress, reach relaxation at the end of a hard day and vice versa – cheer up and revitalize.