Traditional sweet cream butter 82.5%

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   Butter is a well-known and popular product. It is high in the vitamins and calcium, contains the  phospholipids required for regulation of the cell composition, particularly that of neuronal cells.  Apart from that, the butter contains essential amino acids needed for normal functioning of a human body. The genuine butter is recommended for eating without melting because in this case the maximum of beneficial qualities of the product will be retained.

   The butter is generally produced from the selected-quality pasteurized cream using the classical churning method. Hardly this method is now applied at the modern industrial facilities.  The high-fat cream is filled into the special tank. With this tank being rotated the fat globules of cream become larger and form the butter granules. Churning, stopped when the granules are 5 mm in size, is followed by the granule washing, buttermilk removal, cooling and collection of the finished product. We give our guarantees that no milk powder is used in manufacture of our products.

Traditional sweet cream butter, 82.5%

GOST R 52969-2008
Content: pasteurized cream of cow milk

Nutrition value (100 g of the product): fat – 82.5 g;  carbohydrates – 0.8 g; protein – 0.8 g.
Energy value (caloric content) of 100 g of the product: 748 kcal.
Edible at the temperature of minus (6±3)°C for 60 days, including: at (3±2)°C for  35 days and relative air humidity of 90% maximum
Net weight: 125 g.
Gross weight: 127 g.